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Liz and Fiona are collecting photographs of the local area for a 2021 calendar.  Also, a call to local artists to wash your brushes and sharpen your pencils for an art exhibition next year, date to be decided.  

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Recipe Book

RECIPE BOOK: St Mary’s is producing a recipe book in aid of the Roof project. Please pass your tried and tested recipes to either Liz ( or Fiona ( Do make sure to acknowledge the author, we don’t want any angry Chefs after us!  

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The Benefice now has a YouTube channel!

The Benefice now has a YouTube channel. Do have a look.   how do i lose, how many steps each day to lose weight, weight loos products, npr special weight loss, what percentage of people gained weight back after having weight loss sur, how protein much should a 230 pound man eat to lose […]

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Options for Prayer and Worship

Members of our congregations will be contacted by email and/or telephone to keep in touch and encourage one another.  Please let Rev Steph or Rev Eric know if you need help.  To sign up to the Worship and Support WhatsApp group, send a WhatsApp to Rev Steph at 0777 157 4702. Resources for worship at […]

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Fundraise for the church when you make online purchases

If you purchase online, book your holiday online or switch your energy provider online, then you could also painlessly be raising funds for your Church at no further expense to you.   Register with Easyfundraising, and your church could also benefit. Contact Fiona Trott ( or Jane Pavitt ( for further details.   respirator mask for smoke […]

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