Mother’s Union

Our local branch meets on the second Thursday of the month in St Mary’s Church, East Bergholt and meetings vary from the purely social to times of worship and listening to interesting speakers on a wide variety of subjects.

Please contact Chris Jacob for more information: 01206 298552

With 4 million members working in 83 countries, Mothers’ Union is passionate about caring for families all around the world.

Our work is threefold;
• Programmes: a diverse range of programme meets the needs of people within local communities – from entrepreneur training, health education, parenting and relationship education provision, to teddies for children experiencing stress or trauma – our programmes are designed to meet the needs of people at the local level.
• Internationally, nationally and at the local level, our policy work challenges root causes of injustice and works for better conditions in society for children and families.
• All of our work is underpinned by the Christian faith of our members
– a challenge to ‘love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly with our God.’ Micah 6:8.
Policy for Mothers’ Union means creating positive change for families in society. It is not only about speaking for those who are not heard in society; it is about giving them a chance to speak for themselves.

Society is based on many different relationships: families, friends, colleagues, faith communities and other groups that come together with a common purpose. Politics is the system for structuring our society, including laws, economics, conversation and tradition. Politics is the arena in which the future of society is created, be that in a family discussion between parents and children, in a national parliamentary chamber or around a table at the United Nations.

Mothers’ Union works at all of these levels and brings the additional tradition and voices of the Christian faith to the debate. This tradition insists that basic needs such as clean water, shelter, food, healthcare, education and respect for human dignity are everyone’s right and responsibility.

Our members around the world inspire and underpin all our policy work. It is this constant dialogue of policy informed by everyday experiences that gives the Mothers’ Union its unique voice in society.

East Bergholt Primary School

St Mary’s Address

St Mary the Virgin Church
The Street,
East Bergholt,

St Michael’s Address

St Michael the Archangel,
Church Lane,
CO11 1PZ