Parking at St Michael’s

The Rector and Wardens of St Michael’s wish to thank Sarah and Peter Watson at Brantham Place for making their paddock available for church parking over many years. This has been a really useful facility as Church Lane can become terribly congested, and there has been a real concern that emergency vehicles could have a problem accessing the area.

However, recently, during the bad weather the paddock was damaged by cars becoming stuck in the snow and ice and our voluntary car park attendants feel that they are now unable to manage the parking. The Wardens and I, after much consideration, have decided that we can no longer make use of the Paddock for parking because of the damage caused and our difficulty in managing the parking. We remain very grateful to the Watsons for their kindness over the years but realise that the church needs to find its own solution.

We are planning to apply to use the part of the churchyard along Rectory Lane where there are no obvious graves as a demarcated parking area for about 20 cars. This facility will have an entrance and an exit and will be monitored when in use. It will not be open to the public outside of service times.  Until the relevant permissions are given, if they are, we ask for your patience and care in parking in Church Lane. Wedding couples and baptism families are advised to arrange for their guests to arrive by coach or to share cars. Parking in Rectory Lane is for residents only.

If anyone knows who has bought the ground opposite the Institute we would like to hear from you as a parking area in that field would solve many problems!
Rev Steph